Step 4: Play to Your Strengths

Discover how taking a Visual Collaboration approach will work for you. Let our initial gap analysis identify the opportunities and benefits within your organisation and with your business partners.

  • People are the most important

Play to your strengths by selecting the right people for the right job

  • Collaboration Profile

Easily determine you and your business partner’s collaboration profile

  • Improved partner selection and development

Utilising your collaboration profiles will support your business partnering selection and development

Play to Your Strengths

The most important asset you have is the people within your organisation and your business relationships. But before you start engaging with people about a collaborative way of working, you need to understand your current collaboration capability and profile.

You can do this by undertaking a simple self assessment of your organisation, using my collaboration profile template.

Start to day

Your gap analysis will be completed by an accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitator