Step 3: Create Your Knowledge Base

Discover how taking a Visual Collaboration approach will work for you. Let our initial gap analysis identify the opportunities and benefits within your organisation and with your business partners.

  • Leverage your existing assets

    Collaboratively identify existing processes, systems, tools you can reuse and share saving time and money

  • Knowledge Mapping

    Create a visual map of your assets, how confidential they are, what can be shared and link to them so people can start using them in a controlled manner

  • Visual Collaboration Strategy Map

    Co create your visual collaboration strategy and business case with your business partners to ensure maximum value is delivered quickly

Create Your Knowledge Base

Having identified the potential for visual collaboration within your business, you need to map out your current assets and knowledge, co develop specific strategies and risk management, to deliver the desired outcomes using my visual and collaborative Strategy Map

Now you have collated a body of knowledge, you can develop your strategy and business case for visual collaborative opportunities both corporately and for specific future projects and business relationships.

Start to day

Your gap analysis will be completed by an accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitator