Roelto – Visual Collaboration Pricing

R-VCS is the fast and easy way to extend SharpCloud. With multiple solutions that install in just a few clicks, there’s something for every business challenge


A wide range of pricing options are available for Roelto Solutions (Apps), Services and Support.  Our pricing is divided into three parts which you can choose from to suit your requirements.

R-VCS Apps

Choose from a wide selection of business and project productivity applications, from the R- VCS app store.

There are various applications for you to choose from whether it’s a SWOT workshop to an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management system.

Try the app for Free with a 14 day trial – risk free. The free trial includes a mandatory 1/2 day workshop to verify the functionality/benefits for you and to establish if there are any enhancements or support required.

These apps are subscription based per user with an initial minimum 12 months.  Thereafter, subscription reverts to monthly with a 3 month termination notice.

All apps come with operational and management documentation so you can complete any minor configurations and how to use your app immediately.

SharpCloud subscriptions are not included and can either be bought as part of your R-VCS subscription or directly with SharpCloud.

Click here to view and purchase your R-VCS Apps, powered by SharpCloud and download our R-VCS app capability document. Two button to Shop or PDF Capability Download

R-VCS Services (use the G12 Lot 2 and 3 documents)

The following services are delivered to support your visual collaboration projects and initiatives either using R-VCS apps, SharpCloud or a combination of both.

R-VCS App consulting

Further advice, on boarding and configuration/development can be provided to further enhance your R-VCS app to incorporate additional requirements to successfully deliver your desired outcomes and benefits.

A gap analysis if your chosen R-VCS App will be completed and a scope of work co-created to provide and estimated time and cost to complete.

SharpCloud Advice and Consulting

Where a bespoke SharpCloud solution/app is required, an initial free 1/2 day workshop is completed to provide advice,  co-create the solution requirements, including estimated costs and time to complete.

For further details of Services please click here to download our R-VCS Service Capability document and here for Roelto current consulting rate card.  (Use the G12 rate card)

Digital Facilitation and Workshops

A number of R-VCS apps include workshops such as a SWOT, Makigami, ISO 44001 Gap Analysis, etc which can be facilitated and organised by Roelto for you.  Specific workshops can also be organised and delivered.


For further details refer to the R-VCS Shop

R-VCS Support

Ongoing support, advice and consulting services can be provided for your R-VCS app(s) / SharpCloud solution(s).

There are three support models to choose from and/or a number of support days can be purchased which are called off as required.  Support days are bought in 5 day tranches with a 12 month duration and are paid in advance.  Any remaining days are non-refundable.

For more information about R-VCS support click here to download our R-VCS Support document.  (Use the G12 document and create a specific document)

How to Purchase R-VCS SharpCloud Apps, Services and Support


Get started immediately by downloading the R-VCS App you need.  All the guides, templates and videos to get started re included.  Plus you have access to our online support team to help with any questions.

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