R-PPM (Roelto – Project Portfolio Management)


Visual Project Portfolio Management

Visualise your project data in multiple ways to ease understanding and enable agile interaction with your project teams and stakeholders.


R-PPM Highlights

Agile Project Portfolio Management

Visualise your project data in multiple ways to ease understanding and enable agile interaction with your project teams and stakeholders using R-PPM, powered by SharpCloud.

R-PPM can be configured as a standalone PPM or as an Enterprise PPM where by multiple projects, programmes and portfolios can be connected giving you unprecedented visibility, governance, control and efficiency.

Visualise, share and collaborate

R-PPM is your project portfolio management platform hosted in the cloud.  Project Managers can manage from anywhere, suppliers and contractors can update using dedicated project forms ensuring everyone is aligned and set up to deliver successfully.

Uncover insights, simplify complex decision making and see how you can increase your project performance.

Connecting Your Project Data Silos

R-PPM enables you to see all your key project data in once place and review your projects, programmes and portfolios so you can focus on the key issues and opportunities and not waste time going through multiple spreadsheets and presentations.

A common challenge is getting timely and accurate data from your project, functional and externa business partners/contractors on time and in a standardised format.   The data sits in multiple data silos.

Creating a Common Data Environment (CDE), by using a standard meta data template and to view the data through a view template means that everyone is reviewing and managing their projects, programmes and portfolios through consistent views – “apples for apples”.

R-PPM User Cases

No matter what industry or sector you work in you can tailor R-PPM to suit your needs with ready made templates that you can update and change as required.  R-PPM can be used for businesses or consulting organisations to help their clients:

Life Sciences Project Portfolio Management

Link your Product and Technology Roadmap to all associated projects throughout the development lifecycle from Phase 1, 2, 3 Pivotal Studies through to Phase 4.

Construction Engineering Project Portfolio Management

If you are a construction/project management organisation delivering assets for clients ensure you know how projects are performing and where the risks and opportunities are so you can proactively mitigate/action so you can deliver assets that perform successfully.

Business Transformation Project Portfolio Management

Co-create, manage and deliver your internal projects collaboratively ensuring all stakeholders are engaged and projects are aligned to your business strategy objectives and outcomes.

IT Project Portfolio Management

Integrate your Technology Roadmap and projects all in one place so you can see your strategic, business as usual, upgrades and “sun setting” activities.  Identify interdependencies of systems, their interfaces and relationships to your organisational units, functions and business processes so you have a complete, real-time map of your technology landscape.

R-PPM Description

R-PPM is a Roelto Visual Collaborations Solution (R-VCS) built on the SharpCloud visual collaboration platform.  Click here for more details

What’s included

Your annual R-PPM subscription includes the following components and services:

  • Four (4) pre-configured stories including:
    • Meta data template
    • View template
    • Project programme template
    • Portfolio template
  • SharpCloud public service hosted either in the USA, UK or EU with the following annual subscriptions
    • Three (3) editor
    • Ten (10) viewer
  • Set up, training and initial onboarding by an accredited SharpCloud Expert (maximum 20 days)



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