SharpCloud Proof of Concept Workshop

Flexible - request a date
09:00 -
Min £3,600 - to be confirmed after pre workshop consultation
At your Office, other Location or Online
Organised by Roelto Ltd


If you are still not sure whether SharpCloud is going to help you uncover insights, simplify complex business and project decision making, or you are simply not sure, then completing a risk free, Proof of Concept is the next logical step along your SharpCloud user journey.

Alternatively, if you have several user cases you want to test before you buy, then this is where you can choose one (this is done as part of the workshop) co-create it and use it to evaluate against your agreed “success criteria”.

SharpCloud PoC Benefits

  • Try before you buy – no SharpCloud subscriptions to pay
  • Full use of all functionality
  • Facilitated, configured & supported by an experienced SharpCloud Expert
  • Build confidence and trust in your user case MVP before piloting
  • Identify potential issues and other opportunities
  • Share and gain stakeholder engagement, feedback and insights

2 Day Workshop Agenda

The workshop provides you with a “hands on” experience of using SharpCloud to deliver a Minimal Viable Product, facilitated and supported by an experienced and accredited SharpCloud Business Partner.

DAY 1 – Your Business Review & User Case

Complete a review of your existing business user requirements/cases, which will have been captured in a pre workshop survey and uploaded into SharpCloud.  Identify the issues/problems and agree the PoC “success criteria” – the why.   Develop a user case Blueprint, determine how each SharpCloud user case can add value, followed by a review against the agreed success criteria and agree what user case will be developed on Day 2.

Day 2 – Configuring Your SharpCloud User Case

Co-create a single Story based on the prioritised user case identified at the end of Day 1 that will be used to evaluate SharpCloud.  Deliver a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that can be used immediately at the end of the workshop.  During the post work shop evaluate the MVP against the agreed success criteria.

SharpCloud Proof of Concept Work Presentation

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Roelto SharpCloud Proof of Concept Workshop

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