ISO 44001 Overview and Relationship Management Plan 2 Day Workshop

Flexible - request a date (2 Days)
09:00 -
£800 per person (min 3)
Organised by Roelto Ltd

Overview of ISO 44001 and Creating Your Relationship Management Plan – EVENT DESCRIPTION

An overview of ISO 44001 collaborative business relationships, framework specification and developing your Relationship Management Plan (RMP)

A two-day workshop designed to help you gain an overview and understanding of ISO 44001 3 phases and the 8 Stages on day 1 and develop your corporate Relationship Management Plan on day 2.

The workshop is interactive and will include an online Relationship Management Plan for you to start using during the workshop and continue 14 days after the workshop has been completed.

ISO 44001 Learning Objectives

  • Understand the scope of ISO 44001 and how it can be applied to any size of organisation
  • Identify the necessary processes and people behaviours and capabilities to deliver collaborative working
  • Understand the 3 phases and the application of the 8 stages within your organisation
  • Comprehend the common themes of relationship management
  • Identify ways to improve your current and future business relationships
  • Discover how to increase the creation of value, performance, share knowledge & the reduction of risk
  • Develop a corporate Relationship Management Plan to gain ISO 44001 accreditation

Day 1 Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Relationship Management Plan (RMP)
  3. Stage 1 Awareness
  4. Stage 2 Knowledge
  5. Stage 3 Internal assessment
  6. Stage 4 Partner selection
  7. Stage 5 Working together
  8. Stage 6 Value creation
  9. Stage 7 Staying together
  10. Stage 8 Exit strategy

Day 2 Agenda

  1. Online RMP Template
  2. General
  3. Awareness
  4. Knowledge
  5. Internal assessment
  6. Partner selection
  7. Working together
  8. Value creation
  9. Staying together
  10. Exit strategy

ISO 44001 Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of ISO 44001
  • Develop a collaborative knowledge system
  • Develop your Relationship Management Plan
  • Discover your collaborative capabilities
  • Reduce risk & create new value
  • Identify and select partners
  • Free online RMP which will be used to develop your corporate RMP

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