ISO 44001 Gap Analysis One Day Workshop

Flexible - request a date
09:00 -
£400 per person (min 3)
Organised by Roelto Ltd


Before you start putting ISO 44001 to work in your business and with your chosen partners, complete a 1 Day ISO 44001 Collaboration Gap Analysis Workshop to identify what you have in place already.  You will have an opportunity to complete an initial gap analysis using our online, highly visual and collaborative ISO 44001 Roelto Collaboration-as-a-Service (R-CaaS) platform, so you get the maximum benefit and output from the workshop.

This workshop is completed for an individual business due to confidentiality.  If you are an individual and want an introduction to ISO 44001 please click here.

For more details about the workshop please download the workshop overview by clicking on the orange button “Register me” opposite.

Collaboration Gap Analysis Workshop Agenda

  1. Introduction and overview of ISO 44001
  2. Stage 1 Awareness
  3. Stage 2 Knowledge
  4. Stage 3 Internal assessment
  5. Stage 4 Partner selection
  6. Stage 5 Working together
  7. Stage 6 Value creation
  8. Stage 7 Staying together
  9. Stage 8 Exit strategy
  10. Gap Analysis Action Plan