Introduction to ISO 44001 Business Collaboration

Monthly - every Monday
10:00 -
Organised by Roelto Ltd


Discover how you can create collaborative business relationships with colleagues, teams and business partners using the ISO 44001 framework.

This introduction to ISO 44001 provides a briefing of the benefits that can be gained from collaborative working and an overview of the main clauses with particular reference to clause 8 Operation.

The introduction includes an initial and interactive gap analysis of the your current collaboration capability with regards to the main clauses in ISO 44001.  You will be able to visually see the gaps and opportunities you have in your organisation and with other business partners to work more collaboratively  helping you to achieve enhanced efficiency and performance by sharing skills, resources and knowledge while reducing risk and cost.

Seminar Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Collaborative Working
  3. ISO 44001 Clauses
  4. Relationship Management Plan
  5. Clause 8 Operation – 8 Stages
  6. Initial Gap Analysis
  7. Collaboration Roadmap
  8. Q&A

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