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Visualise Your Strategy

A strategy map is a tool you can use to easily and visually communicate your strategy. You can quickly illustrate the cause and effect of the different activities within the four perspectives so you and your business can easily understand and deliver successfully

Key Benefits

  • Co-creation

    Utilise R-SRM visual collaboration benefits so you can co-create your strategy and share more easily

  • Better understanding

    Showing the relationships between your strategy activities in a cause-and-effect helps everyone to understand the various strategic scenarios and their interdependencies

  • Improved strategy execution

    People can provide feedback and insight to your strategy to ensure the strategy is delivering and provides an opportunity to continuously improve

Visualise Your Strategy

By visualising your strategy map collaboratively all on one page using R-SRM (Roelto Strategy Roadmap), powered by SharpCloud you can co-create your strategy with a wider group of people no matter where they are located. You can share your strategy map within your business and get feedback and comments real time from anyone, helping you to socialise your strategy to gain better understanding and support successful execution and delivery of strategic outcomes.

Start co-creating your strategy map today by claiming your Free 14 Day R-VCS (SharpCloud) Workshop Trial. Sharing co creating and sharing your strategy visually will facilitate its successful delivery execution and outcome.

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