What do you think of the England COVID 19 Roadmap?

UK COVID 19 Response (England) – Spring 2021 Roadmap

Matt Hancock: “..don’t blow it now”

Communicating clearly so that everyone understands your strategic roadmap can be quite a challenge, especially when you are communicating to millions of people. This can be made even more difficult when the communication is not in their first language. Being able to communicate visually helps to overcome this issue.

The UK government published the “COVID 19 Response – Spring 2021”, setting out the roadmap out of the current lockdown for England. You can download the 68 page PDF document by clicking here.

As I have mentioned before, a roadmap is a great communication tool. However, when reading the above document it is only on page 26 (electronic page 31) do we get to the Roadmap steps. And although it lists the steps and dates they are on separate pages, so you don’t get a full view of the roadmap.

Visual and interactive roadmaps

In the view above I have recreated the England COVID 19 roadmap so that you can see what are the key steps and when they will come into effect. Unlike the PDF document this is an interactive and visual representation.

If you click onto the one of the view icons on the left hand side this will navigate you to a different view. There are also left and right arrow buttons at the top to move forward or backwards. Here are the views:

  1. Homepage
  2. Navigation menu
  3. Roadmap
  4. Roadmap steps
  5. Roadmap RAG (Red Amber or Green) Status
  6. Your comment
  7. UK COVID Graphs

Providing feedback

With all roadmaps there will be changes, new insights and feedback from stakeholders. Here you can see feedback by clicking on the 3 people image to view any comments about any of the roadmap steps. To add your comment simply click on this url to open the “Your comment” form, which is shown below or scan the QR code.

Write your comment in the “Name” field (no more than 50 characters), select the step you are referring to and add any further comments if you want to in the field called “Your comments, what else should we do?” Then click the blue SUMBIT button and your comment will be posted.

Please note, comments will be reviewed periodically and any inappropriate comments will be deleted. Click this url to open the form in your web browser.

How do you communicate your roadmap?

Whether you have a business strategy, technology roadmap, product development plan, a visual and interactive roadmap can be co-created with all appropriate stakeholders to support the communication and understanding, so that it can be executed successfully and deliver the desired outcomes.

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PS To view the Roadmap in more detail click here and it will open a new tab for you in your web browser.