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Here are some project examples taking a visual collaboration approach, utilising both Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS), powered by SharpCloud and ISO 44001 collaboration either together or independently.

Consumer Healthcare R&D – Speed To Market

An analysis of the R&D Stage Gate process and innovation pipeline was completed, identifying the barriers and constraints that impeded Speed To Market using R-IMP (Roelto – Innovation Management Platform).

Seven initiatives identified and are being implemented with a focus on improved collaboration with external business partners using BS 11000, R-PPM portfolio management and visualising the innovation pipeline with R-IMP to enable informed and quicker decision making.

Global Finance System (GFS)

Roelto has been supporting ActionAid since 2012 staring with the development of an International IT Strategy. This identified several “core systems” delivered via the cloud (SaaS), including finance.

The GFS is a global program (46 countries), started in November 2015 whereby Roelto was appointed as consultant and advisor to support Business Analysis, System Selection, Procurement, Collaborative Deployment, Vendor Management and Program Management. Key deliverables have included:

  • Business Requirements – core data model & processes: Benefit: Co-created solution, supporting engagement and adoption
  • Value for Money Solution and Contract. Benefit: £ 000’s of savings both capital and operational
  • Global Agile and Collaborative Deployment Methodology. Benefit: Standardised and collaborative way-of-working for non IT PM, integrated with vendor model.
  • Global Service and Support Model. Benefit: Low costs, peer-to-peer support with self service, including Jira Service Desk
  • Program Dashboard and Roadmap – click here to see video. Benefit: Improved communication and engagement with all stakeholders
  • Global Financial Reporting Portal. Benefit: Non finance users have access to financial reports to support donor relationship and successful project delivery.

International IT Strategy

Action Aid operates as a number of federations internationally, with a mission to end poverty. The International IT group need to provide core solutions and develop innovative solutions to support the federations.

Using R-WaaS (Workshop-as-a-Service) visualisation and collaboration capabilities the IT Strategy has been aligned with ActionAid 2012 – 2017 Objectives ensuring projects are prioritised and communicated successfully, maximising the Return on Investment of donations.

Supply Chain – Innovation and Sustainability Centre of Excellence

GSK ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2050. To enable this a series of sustainability diagnostic workshops were completed. R-TRM (Roelto -Technology Roadmap) was used as a way to visualise and communicate the workshop output and translate this into a Site Sustainability Roadmap.

Linesight Logo

Performance Management Workshop

Linesight is an international organisation operating in 22 countries delivering construction consultancy services to the world’s best clients.

As part of Linesight operational excellence three global online digital workshops were completed with colleagues in Asia, Europe and the Americas to identify and co-create the strategic outcomes around Project Governance. Using R-WaaS (Workshop-as-a-Service) over 40 workshop participants attended who were able to generate over 200 digital post it notes using online forms via their mobile device or PC/laptop and visualise them immediately into the data driven views. This enabled work to be completed dynamically, interactively…”based on my experience with these workshops I would recommend the use of Workshop-as-a-Service and Jason facilitation capability”... and successfully.

Enterprise Ireland – Construction Market

Enterprise Ireland have 31 offices around the world promoting Irish businesses. Key is the ability for them to share information internally and communicate a cohesive, up to date and consistent story to Stakeholders and potential buyers.

Using SharpCloud has enabled Enterprise Ireland to create engaging stories for both different sectors and Irish companies, saving time, money and a more interactive way to collaborate with clients and buyers.

IT Innovation

To support Lilly products the IT innovation group work globally to create ideas and identify potential solutions and opportunities to support the product portfolio. SharpCloud was use to support the global collaboration between people and capture the ideas and visualise them to support communication and facilitate decision making using the different attributes and views.

ISO 44001and sharpcloud from roelto


Wipro telecommunications R&D provide leading edge IT solutions to mobile and telecommunications providers. Key to this is successful partnering with their clients is to develop innovative solutions that add new value. Using Roelto visual collaboration approach based on ISO 44001 and R-SRM (Roelto – Strategy Roadmap) a strategy map framework was created to support the internal Programme Management Office (PMO).

Global Resourcing

As a global innovative organisation, GSK recognises the value of collaborating with external business partners.

Using Roelto Visual Collaboration process an online workshop was completed (China, India, UK and USA) over two ½ days to establish the collaboration profile and complete an ISO 44001 (BS 11000) Collaboration Gap Analysis using R-CaaS (Roelto Collaboration-as-as-Service). This saved time and money in travelling and more importantly identified the business partners and GSK gaps in being able to work collaboratively, to ensure the innovation sales targets were delivered successfully.

roelto sharpcloud visual collaboration

Global Membership Forum

Buildoffsite is a membership organisation promoting offsite construction.

Due to its success and the need for 21st century construction, people and organisations outside of the UK want to become members. To enable Buildoffsite International members maximise their membership, a members forum was implemented using SharpCloud so members can view information and resources (documents, tools, video’s and presentations) and collaborate online with other members as a group or individually through SharpCloud instant messaging and online video conferencing.

Docklands Light Railway, part of TfL

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated light metro system opened in 1987 to serve the redeveloped Docklands area of East London, England. DLR has an ongoing programme of capital projects and extensions to the network.

Using R-PPM a standard data project template was created and used by each project.  Data from the risk management reports, over 2300 milestones from Primavera (P6) and project details from the PGR was automatically uploaded into each project and “rolled up” to the portfolio.  As a result, projects were reviewed by exception only, providing real time status of projects, uncovering insights and saved over 212 days per annum by eliminating non added value administration activities and another estimated 299 days on indirect activities.

House of Commons – Change Impact

Within the House of Commons there are several teams that support the running of House Services, including delivery of IT and capital projects  In addition, there are significant change programmes with regards to the Restoration and Renewal (R&R) and Cultural Transformation programme, including Business as Usual activities.  This totalled to over 500 projects. A key challenge for House Service teams and the Commons Executive Board (CEB), is to see all projects, their status and change impact against agreed outcomes, and the four HoC strategic objectives.

A proof of concept was completed using R-PPM.  Initially, a data template was put in place and consolidated and standardised data attributes across the HoC such as the Inclusive Lifecycle Milestones, RAG statuses, Finances, Risks, Benefits, Resources, Issues, Dependencies and Changes, meaning all projects now used the same data. This provided visibility, status and context for all projects, including project relationships and their impact with regards to other projects, outcomes and the 4 HoC strategic objectives.

Digital Performance Management

Within BP, the Global Projects Organisation (GPO) delivers all major capital projects around the world collaboratively with contractors and supply chain partners. As part of the Modernisation & Transformation programme, a Proof of Concept – Digital Reporting and Visualisation was completed to capture, visualise and share project data to increase project performance.

Using R-PPM Roelto – Project Portfolio Management) and R-DBR (Roelto – Dashboard Reporting) 12 digital visualisations and reports were produced and tested with users on a live project. Based on the successful delivery of this PoC the design and outcomes were used to develop a global rollout of a Digital Performance Management solution for GPO projects.

GPO Collaborative Contracting

Global Projects Organisation (GPO) in collaboration with other functional teams such as Legal, PCSM identified Collaboration as a key component to help change mindsets for capital project delivery and formed part of the Modernisation and Transformation programme.

Project Collaboration Principles (8) were established to embed collaboration ways of working and improve GPO’s project execution quality. A GPO Collaboration and Relationship Management Plan (RMP) Guide was produced with multiple templates, tools, training and development programs, aligned with the MPcp 5 GPO stages of project delivery. This guide was developed and implemented for a multi billion £ program to support the pre and post contract award activities including:

  • Collaboration Charter
  • Collaboration behaviours
  • Aligned collaborative contracting
  • Joint objectives, interests, targets and outcomes
  • Joint organisational governance, management and ways of working
  • Integrated IT systems
  • Joint closure strategy

ISO 44001 (BS11000) Introduction

North Midland Construction provides a diverse range of capabilities within the Built Environment and Water sector.

To support NMC successful water infrastructure framework delivery, NMC proactively adopted BS 11000, now ISO 44001 collaborative business relationship, a framework specification to develop collaborative behaviours and joints ways of working to deliver mutual benefit for all stakholders involved.

A collaboration gap analysis was completed followed by a BS 11000 Introduction workshop with NCM and their supply chain partners to train and support collaborative working for their various frameworks. NCM and their partners were were successfully appointed to the 4 year framework.

IT Project Portfolio Management

The Francis Crick Institute is dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. Supporting the 1500 plus scientists is the IT function which delivers IT support and IT/system projects.

To help manage the portfolio of projects R-PPM was used to capture monthly project data and status via online forms completed by the Project Manager. The status of each project was rolled up to the overall IT Portfolio to support delivery, management and reporting of the portfolio.

Intelligent Mobility

The Transport Systems Catapult engages with academic networks, diverse SME ecosystems, business and government departments as it seeks to foster new markets, boost demand for innovation and increase the supply of proven products and services across transport. A Technology Strategy 2016 was produced based around Intelligent Mobility.

An Intelligent Mobility online repository was created using SharpCloud. Roelto supported the TSC in designing and developing the repository. The repository contains a wealth of data and insight which, is openly shared with everyone to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

Click here to see the Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility

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