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Using SharpCloud

Visualising your data is the key to making effective use of it. Put SharpCloud to work using R-VCS in your business today by discovering the multiple user applications it can deliver for you.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple User Cases

    Quickly visualise your Project Portfolio, Business Plan, Sales and Innovation Pipeline, Marketing Strategy, Technology Roadmap, Collaboration and Risk Management to Product and Services presentations, using Roelto-Visual Collaboration Solutions

  • Cross Sector and Industry

    SharpCloud is utilised in both public and private sectors across various industries such as Construction, Life Sciences, Charities, Transportation, Energy, Government Departments, Public Services and Telecommunications

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    Friendly user interface means there is minimal training with almost instant access where you can start applying SharpCloud within minutes, using R-VCS user cases

Using SharpCloud

Sharpcloud is a tool you can start using almost immediately across you multiple devices – PC, Laptop, Tablet to mobile device. If you are using spreadsheets, PowerPoint and email to collate, analyse, present and collaborate your data and information with other people, SharpCloud can do all of this for you in one place.

As you can see from the video there are multiple user cases that you can utilise immediately. Just a note, the video was produced back in 2013 and although the user interface has been updated and new functionality added, the user cases are still relevant and shows how long Roelto has been delivering R-VCS user cases, applications powered by SharpCloud.

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