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Technology Roadmap

Technology roadmaps provide a means to communicate an integrated plan that captures the past, present, future and vision of your business. Communicate and share your roadmaps quickly and easily with a Free 30 Day SharpCloud Team Site Evalaution

  • Understand your Roadmap

    Set the timeline Horizon that your suits you and visualise the timing of your roadmap to answer the 3 key questions; 1. Where do we want to go? 2. Where are we now? 3. How can we get there?

  • Relationships

    Communicate the relationships between roadmap activities with comments to describe the transition from current to future state and why

  • Measure your Roadmap

    Understand the costs, benefits and outcomes of your roadmap and the different strategic scenarios to take you from the current to the future vision

Technology Roadmap

Business technology roadmaps can be applied in many different ways – business strategy, technology such as a roadmap for software development, products, which may need a roadmap for software development, training, innovation, collaboration to name but a few.

A Technology Roadmap is essential for your business success as technology is a key component of your business operations.  Being able to visualise your technology roadmap using SharpCloud means it can be viewed from different perspectives, easily shared and provides a way to communicate the alignment of your technology with your products and services, and how it enables you to meet your business and market objectives.  You can capture comments and feedback from people, updates are real time to everyone and includes additional information and content for improved understanding.  A step change from the traditional printed static paper roadmap!

Accelerate your technology roadmap by working more visually and collaboratively using a SharpCloud Team Site.  Start today with a FREE for 30 day SharpCloud Team Site evaluation. Click the button and leave you details to visualise your roadmap quickly and easily.

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