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Visualise and communicate your strategic technology roadmap using SharpCloud

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organize your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap, whatever your organization is working or planning to. In organizations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzooglou, International IT Manager at Action Aid

Aligning your markets, products and technology with your strategy and innovation can be completed quickly using Strategic Roadmapping.

A technology roadmap (TRM) is a visual tool to support technology strategy and planning and provides a way for you to communicate and develop an integrated plan that captures the past, short, medium, long term and vision of your business.  Establishing and communicating the linkages between your technology resources and company objectives is a continuing and increasing challenge.  These issues are becoming more important for you as the cost, complexity and rate of technology change, and markets and sources of technology globalise.

Typically there are two challenges you face in utilising the benefits of roadmapping:

  1. Initiating the Roadmapping approach
  2. Keeping it “alive

The Benefits of Strategic Roadmapping

A key strength of roadmapping is its flexibility, enabling you to apply it from different perspectives and can support you in:

  • Aligning your commercial and technical strategy and facilitating the integration of new technology into your business
  • Identifying new business opportunities for exploiting technology and exploring, assessing and planning your innovation opportunities
  • Marketing and promotion of your technology, identifying key gaps in the market and technical knowledge, and organising market, competitive and technology intelligence as an input for strategic planning
  • Aligning strategy between you and other organisations, including supply chains, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations – applying the BS 11000 framework as a strategic roadmap
  • Supporting communication and cooperation within your business and building networks and teams facilitated by using SharpCloud
  • Supporting your company strategy and planning processes, supporting sourcing decisions, providing top level information on technology direction of your business, identifying cross-business/function synergies and gaps
  • Providing an integrated framework for your high level planning, control and performance management and designing and coordinating your complex programmes.

If you are a business leader, business strategist, a person responsible for creating and communicating strategies and plans in your business, Strategic Roadmapping is an approach that will help you develop your Roadmap quickly and deliver successfully.

 A “Fast Start” Approach To Strategic Technology Roadmapping

To help you take advantage of the benefits listed above and initiate your Roadmap, you can take a proven “Fast Start” approach based on the T-Plan or S-Plan developed by the Institute of Manufacturing, Cambridge University and visualise your Roadmap using SharpCloud to support communication and facilitate collaboration to keep your Roadmap “alive“.

Below are the 6 key steps to this “Fast Start” approach to roadmapping:

  1. Planning – identifying participants, your focus, customising the roadmapping process and preparatory work to “initiate” the process
  2. Market and Business – identification of market and business drivers
  3. Product – generation of product feature concepts
  4. Technology – identification of technology solution options
  5. Charting – integration of items 2 – 5, milestones and key gaps identified
  6. Roll-Out – progressing and completing actions, keeping the process “alive

Existing Roadmap – One Day Workshop

If you have an exiting Roadmap discover if you have any gaps.

Using the T/S-Plan framework a Roadmap Gap Analysis will be completed with you and visualised using SharpCloud.  Your existing Roadmap will be uploaded into the T/S-Plan template before the workshop so you can review and start to add comments and insights with regards to any initial gaps.  During the workshop your Roadmap will be reviewed, any gaps will be identified so your roadmap can be updated.

To keep your Roadmap “alive” your One Day workshop includes 2 SharpCloud Team Site Memberships for 12 months, which enables you to update your Roadmap and publish it into a Private Directory to share with as many people as you like, for free.

Technology Roadmapping – 2 day Workshop

You can develop your technology roadmap in 2 days.

Four 1/2 day workshops are completed which ideally are split with a week in between each workshop, allowing you time to reflect and prepare for the next workshop.  The workshops can be concentrated into two days.  The four workshops are listed above steps 2 – 5 and will be completed with pens, paper and people with active participation from various functions including commercial and technology, with between 5 and 10 participants.  Depending on your requirements the workshops can be adjusted accordingly and includes your 2 SharpCloud Team Memberships for 12 months as described above.

As each workshop is completed the results will be uploaded into SharpCloud within 24 hours so you can start to visualise the output and share with people who did not attend the workshop to get their insights and feedback before your next workshop.  This collaborative sharing and co-creation is not only cost and time effective, it facilitates ownership of the roadmap with non workshop attendees supporting successful delivery and helping to keep your roadmap “alive“.

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