SharpCloud User Cases

If you are new to SharpCloud you are probably discovering that SharpCloud has many user cases and you are trying to decide what to focus on next. That’s one of its benefits and offers you plenty of opportunities to simplify and improve your business performance. The good news is that you can do them all, but maybe not just all at the same time. Or could you?

SharpCloud is “Cool”

People like to “pigeon hole” things, so they know what box it sits in. This is especially true for technology. SharpCloud is a visual collaboration tool, that you can start using to visualise your data into data driven views while being able to interact and collaborate with other people.

Gartner struggled to put SharpCloud into a box, yet they knew this was a technology that would really help people and businesses to improve their business performance and collaboration. So they awarded SharpCloud as “Cool Vendor” based on the “Cool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration, 2015”, report published April 13, 2015 by Gartner Inc. Since then further evaluations have been completed based on user cases that SharpCloud is able to deliver for you. A recent evaluation put SharpCloud as one of the top 10 vendors for Strategic Roadmapping as a cloud solution.

As you can see above in the SharpCloud Story that I created back in 2013 it lists most of the user cases I had created for people just like you and their businesses. As you can imagine, this has moved on significantly, especially with SharpCloud Enterprise now available, which coincidentally was based off one of the user cases we delivered back in 2015/6 for DLR, part of Transport for London.

You can have them all

Being able to put SharpCloud to work against all of the user cases listed above is going to take you time, money and possibly a bit of frustration!

Leave your details in the form above and you will get a complimentary discovery call and following on from the call subject to availability and your user case requirements, a FREE half-day workshop, to list and prioritise your user cases.

During the workshop we will collaboratively create your SharpCloud User Case Roadmap, linked to your business strategy and objectives so that you can prioritise and start implementing and using SharpCloud successfully.