R-E2E (Roelto End-2-End) Makigami Workshop


Simplify Your Complex Business Processes

R-E2E ensures your business processes are operating at optimal performance and are continuously adding value by removing unnecessary steps, people, barriers and blockers by co-creating an “As Is” and a “To Be” process so you can implement and validate quickly.


Create a Continuous Improvement Culture

R-E2E provides your organisation with a proven methodology to simplify your complex and or low performing business processes, based on the Makigami Process Map template.

No more time consuming and costly workshops to set up, multiple spreadsheets and presentations to capture and analyse your business processes.  R-E2E provides a ready made template that can be copied and used immediately by one or more people, no matter where they are located, supporting your hybrid working.

R-E2E empowers people to look at their business processes and co-create a better way of working, helping to develop a continuous improvement culture within your business.

Use R-E2E as an Internal or Consulting Tool

Whether your are a business leader or consulting organisation looking to increase business performance and productivity, the R-E2E template will help you to simplify complexity and eliminate non added value time and cost.

Ensure the right people are involved

Having too many people involved can add unnecessary steps, bottlenecks and barriers to your business process.  Ensure you have the correct “Desks” completing your business process – these are the people, teams, functions, departments etc which complete the business process

Communicate and share data efficiently

Businesses processes include systems and tools to help people (Desks) complete a business process/ step, which includes data and information.  Verify that your “Documents” – these are the data and information carriers in the form of spreadsheets, forms, commuter screens, etc. are fit for purpose.

Reduce cycle time

Each step and system transaction takes time to complete.  Record “Time“- clock time, action time, value adding time and loses against each step in the “As Is” and see the difference in your “To Be”.

Eliminate problems

Through each step identify what the “Problems” – barriers, gaps, bottlenecks at the business process step are and systematically eliminate them and share with others so they can be applied elsewhere.


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