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Visualise your SharePoint content with MindManager

There is no getting away from it SharePoint is an amazing product and has been one of Microsoft most successful products.  However, one of the challenges is for people to be able to find and manage the content within SharePoint that is relevant to them.   A great technology to support your SharePoint installation is Mind Manager for SharePoint.


Mind Manager – visual tool

When I saw this and how it be used as a “link” with you online strategic roadmaps for example in sharpcloud,  to map directly to the relevant content in you SharePoint I immediately started to let people know about the benefits.

To be able to visually organise and manage information, projects, strategies/roadmaps  to their SharePoint content easily was very powerful.  It saved time and was easy to use.  One of the most powerful aspects is the ability to visualise the big picture and the ability to get to the detail quickly and easily.  No more asking Fred  or Mary if they know where a file is or can they send you a copy of that slide deck.

If you want to learn more how you could use this in your organisation or have a question or comment, let us know.



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