Presentations with Multiple Views

Helping your audience to understand your presentation can be a challenge if they like viewing the data and information that you are presenting in a different view and from a different perspective. What would you need to have to be able to do this, why and how. Visualisation tools are becoming more than just a PowerPoint presentation. Discover how you can start improving your visual communications in a much more dynamic and collaborative way.

Enjoy the SharpCloud Experience

Discover how you can start telling your story in an easy and visual way. Being able to share in such a collaborative way lets you enjoy the many benefits you experience when using SharpCloud for Free.

Business Knowledge & Intelligence

Discover how you can increase your business productivity through improved collaborative business relationships, visualising and sharing your data easily and working with people in different locations and time zones.

Having difficulty communicating your strategy?

When I ask people what their strategy is, or have they seen it, or do you review and measure it and see how well you are contributing to it – more often than not I get a negative response.  One of the main issues cited,  is that people do not get visibility of the strategy, [...]