Is Remote Working Successful or a Disaster for You?

How productive is your remote working? What are people saying about remote working A common discussion with clients at the moment during online meetings and workshops, is “How productive are we at remote working?” Generally people feel they are working more productively because they have more time (e.g. less travelling) but are concerned about teamwork [...]

Ending poverty by working collaboratively and visualising data easily

Communicating the status of 40 global projects to multiple stakeholders can be a challenge. Using Roelto Dashboard Reporting solution (R-DBR), powered by SharpCloud stakeholders are able to understand, interact and make informed business decisions.

Deliver Virtual Online Workshops Quickly and Easily – WaaS That?

Discover how you can make your online, virtual, remote working more productive.

How do you visualise your project portfolio?

Trying to view your project portfolio, gain insight and make informed decisions is difficult No matter what business you are in, you will probably have a series of projects in your business. Some will be internal while other might be for customers and clients. In most cases they will typically have cost, time, risk, etc [...]

Meet Your New Partner

Recently I presented at the Institute of Civil Engineers on the The Future of Project and Portfolio Management. This presentation was part of a workshop organised by the The Future Club to look at the future of project management and closely associated programme, portfolio and change management as well as PMO support fro the perspective [...]

Communicating Your Construction Projects Visually and Socially

If you are a project or construction manager one of your challenges is how to communicate the status of your project to the project team and your Project Director easily.  And if your a Project Director responsible for multiple projects within a programme, sharing and communicating it simply to your Main Executive Board can be an even [...]

SharpCloud Stories – Visualising Your Ideas

If you are new to SharpCloud one of the first decisions you will have to make is how you can best put SharpCloud to work in your business, to help improve your communication, collaboration capability, decision making and overall productivity. In the Story below, I have shared a selection of stories that I have created since [...]

Making effective use of the BS 11000 British Standard and cutting-edge visualisation software to ensure better collaboration

BS 11000 is the British Standard (soon to become ISO 11000) that provides a tried and tested framework for business collaboration in order to improve performance and enhance business relationships. Taking a collaborative approach will bring both tangible and intangible benefits to your business, from better cost management, resource utilisation and business innovations, to improved [...]

Do you know how engaged your stakeholders are?

Stakeholder Engagement and understanding the interfaces with other organisations and teams is a critical part of an overall collaboration approach to deliver projects and initiatives successfully. Here is a simple and easy to use Stakeholder Engagement Management Tool that you can start using immediately. Do you know how engaged and supportive your stakeholders are?

Multi-Tasking While Online?

People who are multi-tasking while in online meetings may not be as productive as you think. Focusing on the task in hand and getting stuff done and completed is very satisfying and highly productive. Discover how you can make your online meeting dynamic, interesting and fully engaging so people would never think about checking their email again, in case they miss something important.