Improve Your Productivity using Visual Collaboration

The amount of people that you have to collaborate with, coupled with the data and information that we have to process, is increasing daily.  As a result this is probably having a detrimental affect on your productivity. We do not have time to read long textual reports, or the constant feed of emails, various forms [...]

Improve your collaborative business relationships

Business competition, operational costs, regulatory compliance are all increasing and the ability to deliver your business objectives is becoming more of a challenge. Having a trusting business relationship with other businesses is probably one of the most important areas of your focus on, to help you overcome these challenges. By completing a simple gap analysis to determine you business relationship maturity will help you to focus on the areas where you need to improve your collaboration capabilities.

Strategic Collaboration – 8 Steps to Develop Your Collaboration Strategy

To facilitate collaboration you need to have a strategic collaboration model. Developing your collaboration model using workshops both internally and with your potential partners ensures that there is an understanding, ownership, alingment and focus. This will help you to meet both your internal and partnering objectives and strategic outcomes sucessfully.

What Does Real Time Collaboration Look Like?

What does real time collaboration look like? Well there are many ways that this can be acheived. Here I suggest some of the key points, share with you what we use in Roleto and finally give you an opportunity to experience it your self.

Strategy Collaboration

Find out how Collaborative Strategising can help you to co-develop your Strategy, so that everyone understands, believes in it and helps to deliver it with passion and enthusiasm.

Meeting Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof – passionate about collaboration   Collaboration can change the world Collaborating with people, organisations and governments has been part of Sir Bob’s life in getting results.  And there has been plenty. Listening to Sir Bob talk for 2 hours without an uhmmm or an uhrrr was brilliant.  What stuck me most was [...]