BS 11000 Stage 1 – Awareness (Clause 3)

Wouldn’t you agree, becoming aware of how collaborative business relationships can help you and your organisation meet its objectives is an important step to complete?

Here are 10 steps you need to complete, which will help you to decide. Also, you can get a Free Introduction to BS 11000 to download so you find out more about the other 7 stages within BS 11000.

Barriers to Innovation

Creating new innovative products and solutions is becoming more of a challenge. Being able to visualise your data and work more collaboratively with people can help you break down the barriers to innovation that you maybe facing.

Creating Your Collaborative Marketing Roadmap

Discover how you get more customers by combining your marketing strategies with BS 11000 collaborative business relationships and create a collaborative marketing roadmap that you can share with your customers.

Using BS 11000 to Collaborate Online

BS 11000 is a guide that can help you to successfully implement collaborative business relationships by creating an appropriate Relationship Management Plan (RMP) that is used by everyone who are part of your collaboration intitaive and opportunities. To help you and your partners work with other partners collaboratively from anywhere Roelto has developed BS 11000 OCP (Online Collaboration Platform).

BS 11000 OCP has templates and content that cover the 8 stages so you can start to collaborate efficently and effectively both face to face and on online. Take a quick preview of the the video that demonstrates the functionality and benefits that you and your partners will gain when you utlise BS 11000 OCP –

Collaborative Working

Discover how you can easily assess your collaborative behaviours and competencies within your organisation.

Collaborative Business Realtionships

Collaborative business relationships and marketing can help you become recession proof. Are your business relationships recession proof? We are still in the midst of a recession with no real end in sight – worrying about many things, including how to retain, maintain and develop new business relationships with our customers, clients and business partners. Collaborative Marketing [...]

BS 11000 – How to get started

BS 1100 was launched in October 2010 to help companies of all sizes develop mutually beneficial collaborative business relationships. The world has got smaller, more complicated and connected with people working in different locations providing various products and services.  I myself utilise services provided by various companies in different countries and I have provided collaboration solutions and [...]

Visual Roadmap

Creating a visual roadmap on paper can be a fantastic tool for communicating your strategic roadmap – although it is somewhat limited. Discover how you can make your roadmaps come to life with multiple views, filtering of information, linking to supporting content such as presentations, spreadsheets and videos.  But much more importantly – being able [...]

Business to Business Collaboration

  Uncover the 4 levels of collaboration in your business  to help create collaborative business relationships and increase profits for you and your business partners. There are different types of collaboration that are typically performed at 4 levels within your business: Project and Workplace collaboration:  This is very much based around completing defined tasks in a [...]

BS 11000 Collaboration Training

For most of my career I have been involved in collaborating. Although I never remembered having any collaboration training.  Maybe BS 11000 is one way to facilitate collaboration training and development, in what must be a key business activity for any organisation. I have to admit what I now know about collaboration, back then I probably would have  called [...]