Do you know how engaged your stakeholders are?

Stakeholder Engagement and understanding the interfaces with other organisations and teams is a critical part of an overall collaboration approach to deliver projects and initiatives successfully. Here is a simple and easy to use Stakeholder Engagement Management Tool that you can start using immediately. Do you know how engaged and supportive your stakeholders are?

Multi-Tasking While Online?

People who are multi-tasking while in online meetings may not be as productive as you think. Focusing on the task in hand and getting stuff done and completed is very satisfying and highly productive. Discover how you can make your online meeting dynamic, interesting and fully engaging so people would never think about checking their email again, in case they miss something important.

BS 11000 Stage 8 Exit strategy (Clause 10)

There is a time when all business relationships come to an end. Knowing when to disengage and how is key for your business continuity and for making sure future collaborative opportunities are possible. Do you have a joint exit strategy in place for your current and future business relationships?

BS 11000 Stage 7 Staying together (Clause 9)

After you have established your collaboration strategy, determined your collaboration profile, selected a partner to collaborate with and have started to create value, you need to make sure you stay together. Clause 9 in BS 11000 focuses on the activities that you have to jointly undertake to help you maximise the benefit of working collaboratively, hopefully for a very long and profitable time.

ISO 44001 (BS 11000) – Stage 6 Value Creation (Clause 8)

One of the main reason for creating a collaborative business relationship is to create value.

Stage 6 of BS 11000 concentrates on the various steps you and your partner have to jointly commit and undertake to realise the benefits that you will have identified as part of your strategy and business case in stages 1 and 2 during the strategic phase.

Putting in place a value creation programme, with defined value drivers and appropriate resources with a a desire for continual learnig that is applied to your innovation process will help you create “new” value that you could not have done by your self.

Business Knowledge & Intelligence

Discover how you can increase your business productivity through improved collaborative business relationships, visualising and sharing your data easily and working with people in different locations and time zones.

BS 11000 Stage 5 Working together (Clause 7)

BS 11000 is ultimatley all about working together to create new value through collaboration.

Stage 5 Working Together identifies all of the key processes and procedures you need to jointly co-create and integrate with your partner. The upside is that you should be able to reuse your exisiting processes and procedures saving time, money and reducing the amount of change and negative impact to you and your partner exisiting business.

BS 11000 Stage 4 Partner selection (Clause 6)

Selecting a business partner is one of the most important activities for any business. The potential issues and risks are numerous and could be devastating for all involved. Using BS 1000 collaborative business relationships framework will help you prepare selection assessments and plans that help you and your business partner develop a highly successful and profitable partnership.

BS 11000 Stage 3 Internal assessment (Clause 5)

Complete an internal assessment to identify your collaboration capabilities and how mature they are within your organisation. Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses you can plan the necessary training, development and recruitment to improve your organisational collaboration capability.

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BS 11000 Stage 2 Knowledge (Clause 4)

Stage 2 of BS 11000 focuses on collating a body of knowledge to help you create a strategy and business case as to whether an identified collaborative opportunity is worth pursuing or not.

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