BS 11000 Stage 4 Partner selection (Clause 6)

Selecting a business partner is one of the most important activities for any business. The potential issues and risks are numerous and could be devastating for all involved. Using BS 1000 collaborative business relationships framework will help you prepare selection assessments and plans that help you and your business partner develop a highly successful and profitable partnership.

BS 11000 Stage 3 Internal assessment (Clause 5)

Complete an internal assessment to identify your collaboration capabilities and how mature they are within your organisation. Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses you can plan the necessary training, development and recruitment to improve your organisational collaboration capability.

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BS 11000 Stage 2 Knowledge (Clause 4)

Stage 2 of BS 11000 focuses on collating a body of knowledge to help you create a strategy and business case as to whether an identified collaborative opportunity is worth pursuing or not.

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BS 11000 Stage 1 – Awareness (Clause 3)

Wouldn’t you agree, becoming aware of how collaborative business relationships can help you and your organisation meet its objectives is an important step to complete?

Here are 10 steps you need to complete, which will help you to decide. Also, you can get a Free Introduction to BS 11000 to download so you find out more about the other 7 stages within BS 11000.