R-CaaS – Visualising ISO 44001 Collaboration So You Can Enjoy the Benefits Of A Collaborative And Profitable Relationship With Your Business Partners

Put ISO 44001 collaborative business relationship framework specification to work in your business by completing an initial ISO 44001 gap analysis, using R- aaS (Roelto – Collaboration-as-a Service).

By taking a collaborative approach to reduce the risk, uncertainty and inefficiencies with your business relationships, you can increase your competitiveness, innovation, productivity and profitability.

ISO 44001 is a strategic framework to help you establish and improve collaborative relationships in your business and with organisations of all sizes.

R-CaaS a collaboration solution that can be adapted and tailored by you, saving you time and money

R-CaaS (Collaboration-as-a Service) is based on the ISO 44001 framework and is a divided into 3 phases Strategic, Engagement and Management and includes 8 Stages to guide you quickly and easily.  It can be used both internally and externally within any business sector and by following the framework’s 8 Stages. 

R-CaaS, powered by SharpCloud provides a visual and collaborative way for you to improve your collaboration both internally and externally with business partners –  you will be able to:

Strategic Phase

1. Clearly identify the business opportunities and overall collaboration strategy to partner and work more collaboratively with other organisations – Stage 1 Awareness

2. Discover and create a body of knowledge within your business to develop a business case and benefits analysis to work more collaboratively with potential business partners – Stage 2 Knowledge

3. Conduct an internal gap analysis of your business collaboration capability and maturity from an organisational and  people perspective – Stage 3 Internal assessment

Engagement Phase

4. Identify, evaluate and select partners who meet your collaboration profile and will add significant value and profit to the business relationship – Stage 4 Partner selection

5. Maximise the utilisation of existing processes, systems, people and organisation assets that will facilitate a quick and productive start to the business relationship, saving you time and money – Stage 5 Working together

6. Co-create new value, increased profitability and competitiveness  through joint creative innovation and continual improvement programmes and projects – Stage 6 Value creation

Management Phase

7. Jointly work in an effective and efficient way to continually improve and add new value to your business relationship – Stage 7 Staying together

8. Understand when it is the right time for you to stop working jointly and exit in a controlled and respectful manner ensuring business continuity is maintained and the opportunity to collaborate and partner in the future – Stage 8 Exit strategy

ISO 44001 collaboration framework can be applied to multidimensional relationships

If you are involved in project teams, working with internal departments, customers, suppliers and external collaborators ISO 44001 is a framework that you can instantly start using when working in:

  • Collaborative networks
  • Consortia
  • Extended enterprises
  • Alliances
  • Joint ventures
  • Clusters
  • Partnering programmes
  • Eco systems

Start working more collaboratively today

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