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BS11000 Collaboration Workshop Plus FREE Guide

BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships, is a framework specification you can use quickly and easily to help you establish and maximise your business relationships both internally and with other organisations of all sizes to improve your innovation, competiveness and performance. Start to day by claiming your Free Collaboration Guide.

  • Free BS11000 Gap Analysis & Workshop Consultation

    With your Guide you will receive a complimentary BS 11000 Gap Analysis and Workshop Consultation to help you get started quickly and easily.

  • BS 11000 Workshop Benefits

    My workshops utilises a very visual & collaborative approach which I think you will enjoy. You can either have your workshop at your company or online plus these benefits:

  • All the boring hard work is done for you. Start quickly with your complimentary ready to use BS 11000 templates

  • Free online BS 11000 workspace for you to use instantly, powered by SharpCloud

  • Each workshop can be tailored to meet your specific needs

Jason Hier (MICW) - Facilitaro Accreditation for BS 11000, 2012,  Institute of Leadership & ManagementJason Hier (MICW) - Facilatator Accreditation for BS 11000, 2012

Jason Hier Facilitating a Business Collaboration Workshop

Jason Hier Facilitating a Business Collaboration Workshop

Quickly discover how to use your Collaboration Guide and put BS11000 strategic collaborative framework to work and ensure your business relationships are effective, optimised and delivering enhanced benefit to all your stakeholders by completing a GAP Analysis and a 1 or 2 Day workshop’

1 Day BS 11000 Introduction Workshop – gain an understanding of the 3 phases and 8 stages

2 Day BS 11000 Overview and RMP Workshop – realise how to utilise BS11000 and develop your corporate Relationship Management Plan (RMP) template

Each workshop will help enhance your collaboration capability and support your BS 11000 certification process and all workshops will be facilitated by Jason Hier – an accredited BS 11000 facilitator.

Jason Hier Workshop Facilitator: “Your experience and your proposed ideas helped our interactive communication. You were always challenging us, proposing, suggesting and the result was very good.”

Dimitris Chatzooglou, International IT Manager at Action Aid

Start today by booking your complimentary BS 11000 Gap Analysis and Workshop Consultation, plus your FREE Collaboration Guide .

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