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BS 11000 Introduction Workshop

This one day workshop covers the 8 stages of BS 11000 giving you a good understanding of how you can put BS 11000 to work in your business and start applying it immediately to your current and future business relationships.

  • Gain an understanding of BS 11000

    Understand the scope of BS 11000 and how it can be applied to your organisation no matter what size it is

  • Discover your collaboration capability

    Identify the necessary processes, people behaviours and capabilities to deliver collaborative working

  • Free Relationship Management Plan

    Start to develop your corporate Relationship Management Plan (RMP) which you can use as a template for specific projects

BS 11000 Introduction Workshop

Discover how the 8 stages in BS 11000 can help you gain competitive advantage, reduce risk, improve your productivity, cost management and facilitate proactive innovation. Understand the principles and how they can be applied within your business and how you can utilise existing business processes to support you.

The one day BS 11000 Introduction workshop is part of an overall training and development programme to help you gain an understanding, develop an implementation plan with the aim of gaining BS 11000 certification. Book your 1 day BS 11000 workshop by clicking the BS 11000 Introduction, leave your details in the form, select BS 11000 Introduction and request your workshop and I will contact you directly.

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