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BS 11000 Gap Analysis Workshop

As a business one of the best ways to understand if BS 11000 collaborative business relationships will work for you is to complete an initial online gap analysis. You can immediately start to familiarise yourself with the three phases and 8 stages of BS 11000.

Book Your Initial Gap Analysis, Now!
  • Completing your gap analysis

    Your online gap analysis is facilitated by an accredited BS 11000 facilitator and can be completed as a group or independently, saving time and money

  • Collaborate

    Work online with colleagues and partners who are located in different locations making sure you gain the necessary input and consensus

  • You can start immediately

    The gap analysis template is set up ready for you to start using immediately

BS 11000 Gap Analysis Workshop

Now you can complete your BS 11000 Gap Analysis in a highly visual and collaborative way to quickly understand how you can start putting BS 11000 into practice quickly. Using the voting and comments you can gain an understanding and consensus of where you are with respect to BS11000. You can utilise what you have already by referencing existing documents, processes, tools and identify people who can support.

Once you have completed your Gap Analysis you can use the various data driven views to create your action plan to successfully gain BS 11000 certification. Start your collaborative business relationship certification project and book your BS 11000 gap analysis workshop today

Book Your Initial Gap Analysis, Now!