What do you think of the England COVID 19 Roadmap?

UK COVID 19 Response (England) – Spring 2021 Roadmap Matt Hancock: “..don’t blow it now” Communicating clearly so that everyone understands your strategic roadmap can be quite a challenge, especially when you are communicating to millions of people. This can be made even more difficult when the communication is not in their first language. Being [...]

Frustrated With Remote Working? Increase Your Productivity Quickly & Easily.

Workshop-as-a-Service provides a complete digital facilitation platform

Pre COVID 19, Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service (R-WaaS),powered by SharpCloud has saved organisations a considerable amount of time and money by completing and facilitating online, digital workshops since 2011, compared to the typical physical workshops and meetings. One of the first R-WaaS sessions completed for a leading Consumer Healthcare company saved over $20,000 in travelling expenses (flights, [...]

How Do You Visualise Your Strategic or Technology Roadmap?

An introduction on how to visualise your Business Strategy and Technology Roadmap with a Free Roadmapping Workshop.

Is Remote Working Successful or a Disaster for You?

How productive is your remote working? What are people saying about remote working A common discussion with clients at the moment during online meetings and workshops, is “How productive are we at remote working?” Generally people feel they are working more productively because they have more time (e.g. less travelling) but are concerned about teamwork [...]

Work better together collaboratively, even when you are apart

Working apart requires a collaborative approach to be successful Working together is generally more productive whether you are in a team solving complex problems or delivering a challenging project. Being apart makes it even more challenging. Or does it? Below is a video of Lewis Hamilton doing a duet with his piano coach and music [...]

Ending poverty by working collaboratively and visualising data easily

Communicating the status of 40 global projects to multiple stakeholders can be a challenge. Using Roelto Dashboard Reporting solution (R-DBR), powered by SharpCloud stakeholders are able to understand, interact and make informed business decisions.

Unlock Your Flexible Working With A Comprehensive Collaboration Blueprint

ISO 44001 helping to create physical and virtual collaborative business working relationships

Discover how you can enhance your flexible and remote working by completing a Collaboration Gap Analysis that instantly creates your Collaboration Blueprint in an efficient and comprehensive way.

Deliver Virtual Online Workshops Quickly and Easily – WaaS That?

Discover how you can make your online, virtual, remote working more productive.

Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS)

Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS) are a suite of business collaboration solutions based on the SharpCloud platform that can be used independently or linked and integrated with one another.  Each R-VCS can incorporate other collaboration technology such as Microsoft BI, content from other websites or data from content management systems e.g. SharePoint or can [...]

How do you visualise your project portfolio?

Trying to view your project portfolio, gain insight and make informed decisions is difficult No matter what business you are in, you will probably have a series of projects in your business. Some will be internal while other might be for customers and clients. In most cases they will typically have cost, time, risk, etc [...]