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Any Business, Sector or Industry

There are common business activities within businesses and across sectors and industries such as communication, collaboration and presenting information, which means you will be able to put SharpCloud to work in your business – saving you time and money.

  • Individual Teams to Enterprise

    The ability to create single to multiple teams and private directories to a complete enterprise deployment (unlimited teams and private directories) provides flexibility and scalability

  • Cross Sector and Industry

    SharpCloud is utilised in both public and private sectors across various industries such as Construction, Pharmaceutical, Charities, and Telecommunications

  • Multiple Locations

    You can quickly and securely invite and set up people no matter where they are located

Any Business, Sector or Industry

Hopefully by now you will have seen several different user applications which can be applied seamlessly across any business, sector or industry in which you work. This flexibility and scalability provides you with a risk free opportunity to evaluate, test and implement a visual collaboration tool that will increase your over productivity and business decision capability.

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