A Practical Approach to Business Collaboration

I’ve worked in a great variety of roles over the past 25 years, from coaching my local rugby teams to serving as a process control engineer, manager, consultant and business leader for several global organisations. However, at every stage of my career, the common thread has been my interest in helping people work more effectively together to produce a result that’s greater than anything they could achieve individually.

That’s what led me to spend years researching the secrets of successful collaboration and data visualisation and communication, leading to the eventual development of the 10 step visual collaboration methodology. This, in turn, inspired me to found Roelto, in order to help you benefit from this new approach to business collaboration and data visualisation.

Roelto is committed to helping businesses everywhere achieve their full potential through successful visual collaboration. Through the proper implementation of both the ISO 44001– collaborative business relationships and SharpCloud, a visual place to do business I will ensure that your collaborative business relationships are successful and long-lasting and that you are in a position to make the most of your business data.

My approach is flexible and collaborative, based on the specific needs and goals of your business. With years of experience in business collaboration and data visualisation, I have seen over and over again that ‘off the shelf’ solutions are never enough to deliver a truly outstanding result. The approach and supporting tools I will provide you with are designed to help you focus on your goals and move closer towards them, improving your efficiency, productivity and profitability along the way.

I look forward to meeting you and helping to introduce visual collaboration to your organisation! Until then, be sure to request your free copy of my new guide, so you can put some of these principles into practice and see first-hand how they can transform the way you collaborate.

ICW black logo pptAs an accredited ISO 44001 facilitator and a Member of the Institute for Collaborative Working (MICW), I use this framework specification as a starting point for businesses to assess their potential and the benefits of adopting a collaborative approach.
roelto sharpcloud visual collaborationSince 2008 I have been helping people to visually communicate using SharpCloud to increase their work productivity and support collaboration.

You can either decide to utilise ISO 44001 or SharpCloud individually or take advantage of the “integration” of these two tools and adopt the Roelto 10 Step Visual Collaboration Process by leaving your details in the form below to receive your complimentary guide to Business Collaboration.

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